12th October 2014

Life In Christ: Putting on the New Self

City Hope is two sermons into our current preaching series "Life in Christ: Putting on the New Self", a series taken from Ephesians chapter 4 verses 17-32.

The Sunday we started the series was also the Sunday that six people got baptised, which was a wonderful illustration for the whole series. 'Putting on the new self' God has given us is sometimes challenging to do, but it is a challenge that is full of joy. The six people who got into the water to be baptised on Sunday 5th October were all full of joy about what God had done for them. (Well done to all six for getting baptised; it was a great service.) I hope we at City Hope are all always full of joy for the life God has given us no matter how long we have been a Christian.

As we hear more about our life in Christ over the next three Sundays I am sure we will be challenged about what that means in our day to day experience. It should be a challenge that we meet full of God's joy, being grateful that our lives can be 'in Christ' in the first place because of all that Jesus achieved on the cross and through his resurrection. It is God's joy of course that then gives us strength to face the challenges!

Forthcoming sermons
19th Oct: Ephesians 4 v25-27 by Paul Brown
26th Oct: Ephesians 4 v28 by Sarah Gelli
2nd Nov: Ephesians 4 v 29-32 by Julian Kelly

PRAYER: Jesus thank you for the new life you have given us that is so full of joy and hope. Help us live this new life for your glory. Amen.

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