30th September 2016

Special Offering - Sunday 9th October

One of the ways we can be a demonstration of God’s love to others is by being generous with our money. On Sunday 9th October we have a wonderful opportunity to be used by God to be a great blessing to others with our special offering. Please read the message below from Dave Nunn (one of City Hope’s elders) that gives the reason for our special offering and further details about what it will be used for:

“The purpose of our special offering is to help the church in Conakry, Guinea by buying a plot of land for them. Lesley and I have visited the church over the past three years and have a great relationship with them. Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world ranked 9th on the United Nations scale. Nicolas and Elaine who lead the church are a French and English couple who 11 years ago felt called to go to Guinea to start the church. In those 11 years they have faced enormous challenges, initially working with refugees from Sierra Leone and now
increasingly with local Guineans.

Lesley and I first went out of friendship established through various Newfrontiers’ conferences. As we have got to know the church we have continued to encourage Nicolas and Elaine as well as the other church elders. They face the difficult challenge of working among the urban poor of Guinea. With occasional electricity, no running water, constant 32oC and near 90% humidity - sickness is never far away.

At present the church rents a property to meet in, that they can ill afford. We would like to raise £20,000 through the special offering to go towards the probable £40,000-£50,000 it will cost to buy a good sized plot of land to put a church building on. This will make a good deposit and allow us to go to others to help raise some of the remaining sum, unless of course we raise enough this year. The plot will then be used to build a multi-purpose building that will be used either as a second school (saving yet more rent) or rented out during the week. The present facilities are not great and with the relief from rental payments the church will have more money to spend on establishing the kingdom of God in Guinea.

Please give generously as we seek to leave a lasting legacy in Guinea. Thank you. Dave Nunn.”

Watch the video about the special offering here

We will take up the special offering at our Sunday service at HAB on the 9th October
Cheques can be made payable to ‘City Hope Church’.
For electronic banking use: HSBC, Sort Code: 40-06-21, Account number: 72416069
To give by card please go to

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