25th September 2014

Week of Prayer Reflections

"They raised their voices together in prayer to God" this is one of the great descriptions of the early church that can be found in the book of Acts (chapter 4 v24). They were praying in the face of strong opposition and seeking God for His power so that they would be enabled to speak his word with great boldness.

Our recent church week of prayer (7th to 14th September) didn't find us facing such opposition but still saw us calling out to God for more of his power. The whole week went very well and we had some amazing times together. There were a variety of prayer meetings across the week, giving opportunity for everyone to get along to something. 

Here are a few highlights from my point of view:

1) Over 60 people committed to fasting at some point during the week. It was tremendously encouraging to see so many dedicating themselves in this manner.

2) Although we did pray for many church related matters it was overseas news that most seemed to catch our hearts. Praying for global situations and our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering was moving and a privilege. Please continue to pray for places like Iraq, Syria, Israel/Palestine, Ukraine and for West African nations stuggling to cope with the Ebola outbreak.

3) Wednesday evening saw over 70 people praying in five different locations across South London, reflecting our desire as a church to see transformation in the communities where we live.

4) My top highlight was the family meeting on the Friday afternoon. It was chaotic and lessons have been learned (!) but it was a great time with over 50 people there (adults and children) which was our largest single prayer meeting of the week. We will be holding another similar meeting later in the term (Tuesday 12th November). May God use it to help teach all our children about prayer.

Thank you to everyone who was involved with our week of prayer and I hope to see you at our other prayer meetings that are coming up. Our Kingdom Come meetings this term are on Wednesday 1st October, Thursday 6th November and Wednesday 3rd December. Two meeting times on each date, 12-1pm and 8-9.30pm.

Prayer: Father, thank you that you are a God that listens to us. Please continue to help us be a praying church, full of faith and persistence. Amen.

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