27th May 2016

36 Hours of Prayer

Coming up quickly after the half term holidays is another of our fantastic 36 hours of prayer sessions in our dedicated and interactive prayer room at our building on Drummond Road. The 36 hours of prayer runs from 9am on Friday 10th to 9pm Saturday 11th June, and builds on the great time we had back in May.

Life can be busy, stressful and full of distractions that mean we find it hard to focus on God in our lives and give time to pray - even when we have good intentions. Coming to our prayer room during the 36 hours is a great antidote to the busyness of life; it will do you the world of good and refresh your spirits. God offers us peace in this life but he does also tell us of the need to pray so that we obtain that peace (see Philipians 4 v6-7).

There will be a theme of 'growth' for this 36 hours of prayer: praying for personal spiritual growth and praying for numerical growth in salvation. Everyone is welcome of course: the room will be engaging to help kids pray too.

It is really helpful if you can commit to a one hour prayer slot (or more than one) during the 36 hours. As a church we want to have a non-stop prayer relay going for the whole period and we want you to be a part of that. Whether you feel you can commit to an early hours Saturday morning slot or cover during the day on Friday we would like to hear from you. Please email to let us know. This commitment is important as you stand with others in the church to create the whole chain in the relay. It isn't just about you it is about us! Thank you.

Please note we also have an Advance prayer meeting on Wednesday 8th June 8pm at Drummond just before the 36 hours of prayer period. In July we have a churches together prayer meeting at St James's on Wednesday 6th July, 8pm and another 36 hours of prayer on the 8th/9th July.

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