12th February 2016

36 Hours of Prayer - taking prayer seriously

36 Hours is the title of a 1953 movie about a man suspected of murder who has only 36 hours to track down the real culprit himself.

36 Hours was also the title of our prayer meeting last week! We weren’t looking for a murder suspect!! But we were looking to take prayer seriously; to develop a growing hunger for prayer and grow in faith for what God can do in us and through us as we cry out to him.

“Prayer creates a personal change in your life. Nothing you can do will benefit you more than prayer.” (Yonggi Cho)

For this new adventure in prayer, we had an unbroken relay of praying people from 9.00am on the Friday morning to 9.00pm on the Saturday evening. After the event, many people spoke of experiencing a new freedom in prayer, others talked of an ease and energy to pray. Many who signed up to pray for just one hour stayed on to prayer for an extra hour or two. And it was encouraging to see parents and children attend a prayer meeting together.

“Prayer sensitizes us to subtle changes in the landscape of our circumstances. When he begins to move, we are apt to recognize it. Praying almost ensures we won't miss opportunities God brings our way.” (Andy Stanley)

It was really moving to see the visual examples of prayers in the room: - names of individuals written on stones and symbolically placed in the ‘river of life’. Post-it notes with various prayer requests and confession written on them, some from really young children naming their friends before God; and ‘seeds planted’ about individual hopes and dreams for the advance of God's kingdom in our area.

Lots of people really appreciated the visual prompts and prayer activities in the room; many thanks must go to Sue Ferret, Lesley Nunn and Ruth Taylor and their artistic creativity. – Thank you!

Over the unbroken 36 hours of prayer we had in total, at least 94 adults praying plus a good number of praying kids. Which translates to an amazing 218+ hours of prayer, averaging six people per session.
Who knows what impact the 36 Hours of prayer has had on us as City Hope Church but I can’t see this being the last time we pray together in this way. Watch this space!

Our March Advance prayer meetings are coming up on the 2nd and 5th of March. Also that week, we'll have the prayer room open on Friday the 4th for anyone to come and pray between the hours of midday and midnight. Put it in your diary now!

Paul Brown

Posted by Paul Brown