18th December 2015

Stirring up prayer in City Hope across 2016

In January City Hope has a week of prayer to kickstart the New Year with prayer, something we want to continue doing through the whole of 2016 (click here for a plan of the whole week). Here is an overview of some of the ways we are going to 'stir up prayer' at City Hope.

Monthly Prayer Meetings
We will continue to have monthly prayer meetings on a Wednesday evening (normally the 1st Wednesday of the month), starting in February. We will also have a Saturday morning prayer meeting following each Wednesday. Connect communities and groups will not meet that week to give everyone a chance to come and pray. We will, however, be praying for the communities and groups at each meeting - make sure you are there to pray for yours!

Sunday Sermons
On a number of Sundays throughout the year we will be speaking on the topic of prayer. Often we will be looking at some of the prayers Paul writes down in his letters to churches, found in the New Testament. We will also be using those prayers as fuel for our own monthly prayer meetings.

Social Media
Throughout the year please use the hashtag #CHCadvance on social media to communicate your stories of God’s Kingdom advancing, receive encouraging prayer quotes and find out when the next meeting is.

36 hours of continuous prayer!
From 9am on Friday 5th February to 9pm on Saturday 6th February City Hope will be praying for 36 hours straight! Breaking the time down into 1 hour prayer slots we will be looking for people to come and pray in our building on Drummond Road as part of a prayer relay that leaves no hour left 'unprayed'! We hope many of you are up for the 4am Saturday morning slot. This intense period of prayer, calling on God for his Kingdom to break out in South London will surely be a great spiritual advernture for us which yields God's blessing on many people's lives.

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