16th October 2015

40 Days of Prayer - Don't Stop Now

Tonight is the finale of our 40 days of prayer, a meeting in our 'upper room' starting at 8pm and finishing at midnight. I hope that many people from City Hope will be there to pray together.

What happens next now the 40 days is finished? Quite simply we want to keep going and keep praying. In Luke’s gospel, chapter 18, we find Jesus telling a story that we often call ‘the parable of the persistent widow’. The passage clearly tells us that Jesus told this story to show his disciples “that they should always pray and not give up” (v1). ALWAYS pray! NOT give up. Simple but incredibly challenging. Even as we ‘finish’ the 40 days we obviously mustn’t ‘stop’ praying.

Of course City Hope was praying long before the 40 days. When I first joined the church in 1997 there were a group of older ladies who had been faithfully praying for the church for many years and who continued to do so for a number of years more. This is just one example of City Hope praying over the years, so we are unlikely to ‘stop’ now. But if the 40 days of prayer has taught us anything, I hope it has been a reminder that we need to be a faithfully praying body of people. If you ‘believed in prayer’ at the start of the 40 days, maybe now you are even more passionate and dedicated at the end of the 40 days?

We want to see a powerful move of God in our church with many people coming to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Prayer is a vital part of what God calls us to, joining with him and seeing his Kingdom grow. Please continue to pursue God in prayer, both individually and by joining others to pray in your Connect communities and groups and at our church prayer meetings - starting with tonight!

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