8th July 2015

Summer Sundays

The summer period is going to be an exciting time for us! We will be celebrating our 150th anniversary since Drummond Road Baptist church was started by CH Spurgeon - that doesn’t happen every day! According to the stone set into one of the walls in the main hall the actual date was August 4th 1865.

The summer is also time when many go on holiday and this reflects on our Sunday meetings with fewer people attending and depleted serving teams. Meeting at HAB on a Sunday has been brilliant for us even with all the work created by the need to set up and run a venue that isn’t our own. We are very grateful for every volunteer who has served to make this possible.

Knowing the work HAB involves and with the summer break coming up, we have been mindful of the impact on our Sunday serving teams and so have taken the decision to come back to Drummond for five Sundays during the school summer holidays.

From Sunday 26th July until Sunday 23rd August we will meet at our building on Drummond Road for a 10.30am service as usual. Being in a venue that can be permanently ‘set up’ for the Sunday service will considerably ease pressure on all our volunteers . It will also mean we are at Drummond on the 2nd August which is the closest Sunday to our 150th anniversary. It will be good to be in our building on this date to celebrate and remember all that God has done in the past 150 years!

We also have a fantastic line up of different preachers for the summer period; the preaching series will be looking at stories in the life of Elisha:
26 July - Chris Nicholson - 2 Kings 4 v1-7
2 August - Sarah Gelli - 2 Kings 4 v8-36
9 August - Rebecca Whittlesea - 2 Kings 5 v1-27
16 August - Phillip Idaewor - 2 Kings 6 v8-22
23 August - David Staunton - 2 Kings 13 v10-25

We will move back to HAB on Sunday 6th September ready for a new academic year as we keep moving forward in our vision to be a growing, thriving, diverse church that brings the good news of Jesus to many people in our city and beyond.

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