20th March 2015

Stories of Generosity

On Sunday 8th March City Hope took up a special offering. It is wonderful to announce that we have raised just over £20,000, including Gift Aid and IOUs.

This is fantastic news, a big thank you to everyone who has given. If you would still like to give you are very welcome to and if you have an IOU to redeem please do so! For information on our church finances, special offering and where the money will be used please see here.

The special offering is (yet again) a story of God's blessing on us that has overflowed in generous giving. Direct financial giving to City Hope is, of course, only one expression of generosity in the church. Recently I have heard of a number of other acts of generosity that have demonstrated kindness, love, compassion and help to different people, here are some them:

 - A cooker broke that belonged to a lady in the church. She couldn't afford a new one so a group of friends in the church had a whip round to pay for a new one.

 - A part gift, part loan from the church helps someone get back on their feet and into work. The money took them out of a Catch 22 situation that meant they couldn't start a new job.

 - In the past few weeks I have heard of no less than 3 sizeable anonymous gifts to people to help them with housing needs. Housing is such a huge issue for many. In City Hope there are stories of God's provision in both large and small ways of helping people find and pay for accommodation. Quite often this provision has been in the form of people offering space in their home for a temporary period for free to others. I know of two such situations currently happening.

 - An older housebound members receives regular help from church members for things like shopping or simply a visit. Giving time is often harder than giving money!

 - People frequently receive meals from others and the City Hope tradition of providing meals for families that have just had a new baby is now longstanding.

Thank God for these stories. God is a generous God and wonderfully his generosity can be seen at work in our lives in many different ways across the church. Many of these stories happened through relationships built in our Connect communities and groups. If you don't know people, they can't know what your needs are and you can't know what theirs are! Getting to know people and sharing lives together in our communities and groups is a vital way City Hope functions. Then as the church grows people will be cared for and be able to give and receive from each other naturally.

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