11th February 2015

Kingdom Come for Nigeria

We gathered for our monthly Kingdom Come prayer meeting on Wednesday the 4th February. Our aim was to focus our prayers on the wider world as well as on our own local communities and Alpha.
Much time was spent in prayer for the nation of Nigeria, which many of our members would call home. This Saturday, the 14th February was to be election day for Nigeria, when the country would elect their president. For the first time in a long time, there are two strong candidates: the incumbent, President Jonathan of the PDP, and the main opposition party candidate Muhammadu Buhari of the APC.
There have been reports of abuses of state power to intimidate the opposition and control the Independent Electoral Commission. There are also reports of armed militants from the President's home region threatening civil war if the incumbent does not win. The terrorist efforts of Boko Haram add to the mix to make a very volatile and potentially explosive situation.
We prayed together last Wednesday for peaceful elections, for the efforts of the terrorist factions to be frustrated, and for God's choice of president to be elected.
You are probably aware from the media that the elections have since been postponed for a period of six weeks, which many are seeing as an answer to prayer. The reason given is that too many of the nation's troops are occupied with Boko Haram and their insurgency in the north-east of the country, not leaving sufficient troops to guarantee voter safety. 
Whatever the reason behind the delay, and whatever the factors in play in this complex political situation, let's keep praying for God's kingdom to come in the nation of Nigeria, and for these elections to be fought fairly and peacefully. 
If you have February's Kingdom Come prayer diary, you can use it to help you pray for Nigeria.
Let's pray with faith to our sovereign God for the best outcome for Nigeria.

Rebecca Whittlesea

Posted by Rebecca Whittlesea